Evonne & David’s Humanist Ceremony at Prestonfield House

I knew I was going to enjoy working with David and Evonne from the moment I read their homework where they told me a wonderful story about a showbiz legend – that sadly I can’t share here!

I did get to tell it at the wedding though, which was a total hoot, as you can see from these great photos from Tony Marsh. I’m the bald guy in the middle, in case you’re wondering – there are three to choose from in this shot!

Evonne and David wanted their big day to be their beautiful daughter Isla’s big day too, and she was very much a part of the ceremony. Both David and Evonne took the chance to say in their own words why they want to spend the rest of their lives together, and that was a very emotional moment.

Prestonfield House is as glamorous as it gets, and Evonne look appropriately gorgeous in her diaphanous gown. It was a very sunny afternoon, and the sun was pouring right through the window behind us, but Tony’s pics show why sometimes only the best will do!

I always think it’s nice when couples ask their mums to be witnesses  – and there’s Isla making sure that I spelled their names right! Thanks again, Evonne and David for asking me to be your celebrant: something tells me I will be seeing you both again soon!

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