Rushing off on honeymoon?

A couple of ideas for you.

If you’re heading off somewhere exotic the day after your wedding, you probably won’t be able to return the signed copy of the Marriage Schedule to the Registrar’s office.

What you can do though, is ask someone at your wedding venue to photocopy the signed schedule for you to take with you, while someone you can trust (usually one of your mothers) returns the original to the Registrar within three days of the ceremony.

First of all, remember to show your photocopied schedule to the clerk when you check in at the airport, and be nice. That way, there’s a faint chance that you might get to turn left rather than right when you get on the plane. Or at the very least, get a complementary bottle of champagne at some point during the flight.

When you’re at your destination, take it with you if you’re doing something expensive and exciting, like learning to dive. Everyone loves a lover, and you may be surprised how generous people can be to complete strangers when they learn you’ve just got married.

A last thought – if you do that, and you get the upgrade, or the free elephant ride, tell me about it!

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