Lisa and Alan’s Humanist Wedding at The Roxburghe Hotel

I’ve got lots of laughter lines. 

Not all of them are due to Alan and Lisa’s wedding, but  it was such a happy, fun-filled day, I can’t remember when I’ve smiled more. Their story began seven years ago, and in the ceremony, I took their guests all the way from their first near miss in a pub on Rose Street, via a very green flat, to a romantic proposal deep in the Mexican jungle.

I remember being struck by a passage in their homework. Lisa wrote, “One of my best friends said to me not so long ago, that we were her favourite couple.  When I asked her why, she said that it was because “we are good to one another”.  I hope that we continue to be good to one another, never selfish and always true.” 

In the ceremony, Lisa put that a different way. She said, Alan is quite simple the best person I’ve ever met.  He’s loyal, kind and considerate and is always making me laugh – even when I don’t want to”. 

For his part, Alan said, “Lisa is the most kind and considerate person I’ve ever met, always putting loved ones ahead of herself for anything.  She goes out of her way to help people.  Most of all she puts up with me.  She has a very un-girlie sense of humour.  She’s fun to be around and I look forward to seeing her come in every night (even when she’s had a few).”

They both chose to speak their vows directly to one another, which was very moving, and even before they set off on honeymoon, they took the time to send me this very touching note.

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for Saturday.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and you did a wonderful job.

So many people came up to us to say how much they enjoyed the ceremony and that it was the best they’d been to.  And I think, half the room was almost in tears – including us.  No higher compliment than that!

Also, thank you for looking after Alan before the ceremony.  He said you got him a glass of water and calmed him down.  I was pretty nervous myself, however seeing Alan face as I walked up the aisle was worth it all.  My friends are still laughing at me for being early though!

That’s true actually – I think in all the years I’ve been conducting weddings, Lisa was the very first bride to make it to the venue with ten minutes to go. But that worked out really well. Not only did that give Lisa and her bridesmaid Dawn a chance to get their breath back, but it also gave us a chance to chat and enjoy a glass of the hotel’s delicious champagne! 

My thanks as ever to Alan and Lisa for giving me the privilege of conducting their ceremony, and to Sarah Huston of Sarah Elizabeth Photography for being so great to work with and for sending me these shots.

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