Camilla and Kevin’s Humanist Wedding at Winton House

I am growing more absent-minded by the day. A chance conversation at the EdCoffeeMorning Christmas Lunch yesterday brought up the subject of Winton House, which as they say on their website, does ‘intimacy on a grand scale’

It’s a very beautiful house, and I’ve done lots of weddings there over the last few years. This was the first, on a glorious summer’s day in 2010. Yes, almost two and a half years ago. I’ve had these photos all that time, and I completely forgot to post them. The word half-wit doesn’t begin to cover it…

Camilla and Kevin made a gorgeous couple, and they got an absolutely perfect day for an outdoor ceremony in front of ‘the cottage’

it was a very laid back, happy day, and Bree, their English Springer Spaniel behaved impeccably throughout.

They were serenaded by Ian & Kevin, who sang an acoustic version of ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’ by The Beatles, and everyone joined in and sang along (the lyrics were printed on their Order of Ceremony)

One thing I learned about Camilla when we met was that she’s an equestrienne, and has a beautiful horse, and at one point she had thought she would arrive at her wedding on horseback.

At the time, I was just setting up my allotment, so I asked if she could possibly bring me some well-rotted horse manure, and of course she said yes.

So what these photos don’t show was the horsebox that Camilla’s father had driven down that day, or the three brimming bags that he’d kindly brought with him, just for me. 

Let’s just say I was glad that a) I still had my old Saab convertible so they could sit on the back seat and b) that it was such a beautiful day I was able to drive them all the way home with the top down!

Camilla sent me this lovely note. “We are not long back from our Honeymoon & just wanted to get in touch to say thank you for helping make our day extra special. We had so many people comment on the ceremony & how much they enjoyed it. It was so important for us to be married in front of dear friends & family. Who would have believed we would get our dream of an outdoor ceremony in Scotland. Our South African relatives promised they would send us some sunshine – even the rain in the evening was perfectly timed for the dancing in the marquee! 

PS I do hope the horse manure is helping your garden grow? There’s plenty more when it came from!!!”

Well Camilla, having waited this long for me to post this story, you may want to pour it over my head, but yes, absolutely, it did, and thank you so much once again for a fabulous day!

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