Chazz and Louise’s Humanist Wedding at King’s Acre Golf Club

When couples tell their stories, the proposal is usually a highlight, and that was very much the case for Louise and Chazz. They had their own versions, of course, and that was what made it so good. 

Louise remembers how she waited a whole year and seventeen days for Chazz to say he loved her, (but it was well worth the wait!). While Chazz said, “I might not be the most romantic guy, but I try my best when it’s needed the most”, and he did a great job of misdirection when the time came to ask for her hand in marriage. 

Almost two years ago, he took Louise down to London for a surprise weekend trip to celebrate Christmas, and did all the tourist stuff, ‘like walking around Primark…’

Louise had wanted to see ‘Legally Blonde’, at The Savoy Theatre, but Chazz told her it was sold out and they’d have to go to ‘The Jersey Boys’ at The Prince Edward Theatre instead, so of course she was gutted. It was only after Chazz had deliberately taken her past the queue for ‘Legally Blonde’ en route, that he revealed he had the tickets after all.

Better still after the show, he took her down to the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square, got down on one knee in the slush, and popped the question. As he said in the ceremony, “I’m surprised Louise never got whiplash trying to get her glove off!”


When it was time for them to talk about the reasons they love one another, Louise came out with a cracker. As she said, 

I promise to try and be a good wife babe. 
I think I’m doing a good job so far but please, for goodness sake, 
do a little bit more around the house – you have me demented at times! 
I love you always, forever and more every day! 
I cannot wait to be your wife”.

Along with these great pictures, they sent me this lovely note.

Our wedding was amazing and you were absolutely fantastic! Everyone raved about the service and how great you were. I’ve already recommended you to a few folks thinking of having a humanist wedding. Your quick responses to emails and correspondence filled me with every confidence for the big day and u certainly delivered 🙂

All part of the service, Louise. Thanks again, and good luck with the housework Chazz! xxx

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