Alex and Becka’s Humanist Wedding at St Columba’s by The Castle

Sometimes even before I meet a couple, I get a sense that they’re going to be a lot of fun to work with, and so it was with Becka and Alex.

Back in March, they sent me an email that said, Hiya, We saw you in action at Kate and Mark’s wedding out of town by a lake last year and wandered if you were free to do us! We’re planning a simple and inexpensive do with bring a dish food, and friends to play music in a community centre so that the emphasis is on enjoying the company of our friends and family rather than worrying if lots of complicated details will go right.”

 The venue changed about three times before they finally ended up at St Columba’s By The Castle, which is a church hall, but the powers that be were very relaxed about having a Humanist in their midst.  When I arrived, there was a kind of pub quiz going on, and about a hundred people of all ages, with lots of kids, sitting around tables, chatting and playing and generally having a really good time trying to guess the answers to questions about Alex and Becka. 

Eventually, we took our place over where the band were going to play later, and I kicked off the ceremony, with the words, “Mawwige, Mawwige is what brings us together today,” and went on to explain that was for all the “Princess Bride” fans out there, a film of which Becka and Alex are big fans. 

I’m always really pleased when couples take my suggestion that they involve their friends. Alex and Becka involved LOTS of them! Thomas, the best man, who knows Alex so well he can finish his sentences for him… Becka’s brother Aaron… Kay who was there when Alex and Becka met at ‘ShedFest’… Alex’s sister and Becka’s friend Ruth… and finally, Alex’s dad… 

There was a lot to love about the ceremony, which lasted for the better part of an hour; so much joy and laughter, for a start, but there was also a profound sense that Becka and Alex really were marrying in the presence of the people they loved, and that’s what a Humanist wedding is all about. 

To cap it all, they decided to have a hand fasting, and that was great fun. We started out with the intention of having six cords tied by family and friends, but we got a bit carried away, and invited everyone who had anything they could tie to come up and join in.. I think there must have been over twenty in the end and the very last one was a beanbag frog.

I really like the way they chose to do their photography too: all uploaded to Google Plus where their friends can see it any time. Rather than choose lots of individual photos, I’ve just grabbed a few screen shots of some of them as they are laid out, and I think they give an excellent sense of how the day went. As well as the pics, Alex sent me this lovely note.

First of all, Becka and I would like to thank you once again for making our wedding day so special, not only did we enjoy it hugely but you steered us to a very appropriate ceremony and added your own charm to proceedings on the day.  It was a real pleasure to have you as our celebrant.

Any time, Alex and Becka – It was a pleasure!

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