Lorraine and Jim’s Humanist Wedding at Archerfield House

 Some couples just look perfect together: at least that was what I remember from my first meeting with Jim and Lorraine earlier this year.

They’d started out as neighbours, who passed on the stair, said hello, and got on with their busy lives, but gradually other people began to notice an attraction growing. One such observation from Lorraine’s friend Katy was so good, it made it into the ceremony. 

Katy had been there when Lorraine and Jim had once again passed on the stairs, and exchanged a few words. When Jim left, Katy asked Lorraine, ‘What was going on there?’ Lorraine replied, ‘Nothing… Jim is just a neighbour’ and Katy said, ‘Well there should be – my interactions with my neighbours are much more transactional!’ 

From Katy’s perceptive remark, things quickly moved forward, and I was delighted when a mutual friend suggested they ask me to conduct their wedding at the elegant Archerfield House outside Gullane.

Jim’s son James was his best man, and they and I waited nervously in the hall for the entrance of the bridal party.

Lorraine’s god-daughter Elli was her flower girl, Elli’s mum Barbara was her witness, and Lorraine herself was accompanied down the aisle by her good friend Sarah

It was only in the ceremony that we learned how often Jim and Lorraine’s paths had crossed, but missed by inches, from being born in the same hospital (some ten years apart, as Lorraine pointed out!) through primary and secondary schools, to business forums and airports as they travelled to work in opposite cities. That they both chose to move into adjacent flats somehow seemed fated, and it was only fitting that they both realised they’d finally found the person they’d been searching for all their lives!

After readings from three of their friends, they spoke the traditional wedding vows, Jim gave Lorraine her wedding ring, and we had a moment of quiet contemplation as we signed the Marriage Schedule.

I was very touched when Lorraine took the time to send me these lovely photos by Faye and Trevor Yerbury, and write this testimonial.

“Nothing can prepare you for the intense emotion you feel in a humanist wedding, from the time involved in creating your own unique ceremony, the tailoring and support from Tim to get it just right, to involving the people who are so special to you on that journey and on the day, through to Tim’s wonderful interpretation on the day itself, full of humour and grace.” 

“So many of our guests commented on how intimate and personal the ceremony was and the memory will be with us for many years to come.”

My thanks again to everyone who helped make this day so special, (not least to Jilly Hamilton at Yerbury Photography) but most of all to you two, Jim and Lorraine; it was a pleasure. I hope you always remain every bit as happy as you look in these pictures!

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