Ian & Gill’s Humanist Wedding at Kaim Park Hotel

When Ian and Gill  finally got back to the “real world” after their wonderful honeymoon in St Lucia they sent me this message to say thanks…

We had the most amazing day, our ceremony was just as we had wanted it to be, personal to us, very moving and also at times very entertaining!  Never before have I been to a wedding and experienced so many tears – tears of both laughter,joy and emotion!  

As you know from when we first met, we had both stressed how important it was for us to be able to include James and Hannah into our ceremony in some way.  Our humanist ceremony enabled us to do just that and we will treasure the memories of it always.

We must admit to initially being a wee bit sceptical and apprehensive when we were set our “homework” – it had been far too many years than each of us cared to remember since we had last been assigned homework!  

As it turned out, it was an extremely emotional, rewarding and enjoyable thing to do.  Thinking back to over 8 years earlier, when we’d first met, how we’d felt, and how we then came together as a family was such a rewarding thing to do.

I can honestly say that the ceremony, for us, was the most special and enjoyable part of our day… We had so many people speak to us later saying it had been the nicest, most enjoyable wedding ceremony they had ever been to.  

We thank you Tim for helping us to step back and realise what the day was really all about… This came through tenfold in our ceremony and we thank for helping us to achieve that.

What can I add to that, Gill and Ian, other than my thanks for asking me to be your celebrant in the first place, and for creating such a moving and inspiring ceremony! 

As you’ll have noticed, all the photos are from Lush Photography, where Robert Wilson has done his own blog on the day and posted a whole bunch more great pics

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