Sam & Em’s Humanist Wedding on Inchcolm Island

It’s been a wild summer, and the weather’s played a part in making some memorable weddings. Sam and Emma sent me this account of their big day…

Our wedding seems so long ago now, but we’re still getting lots of notes, cards and lovely comments from everyone. We had a truly wonderful day; even with all the chaos such as no music, force 9 winds and that rollercoaster of a boat ride home, it was absolutely perfect. 

As I said to you on the boat home, the preparations were hard work – you know how difficult we found it to get the homework done, and how it took a while for the ceremony to really start coming together – but you were right, it was worth every last second.  We were pleased with the ceremony on paper, but that was nothing compared to how it felt being stood up there listening to it actually happening.  Every bit of it was so personal, so totally unique and so ‘us’ – and you managed to deliver it better than I had ever imagined. Even though I knew what was coming next (even without reading over my shoulder!) I was totally captivated by it. Thank you.
We’ve had people tell us it was a beautiful ceremony, people tell us it was fun, people tell us it was hilarious – I’m not sure that the last one was exactly what we were going for, but to me the most important one was how memorable it was. 
I have a feeling that stories about Sam fluffing his lines, and people nearly being blown into the Forth are going to be coming out in family lore for a long time to come. Its certainly something I will always remember, or at least hope that I will never forget. We had a great day, and one that really meant something to us, and I’m really grateful for all the guidance you gave which has allowed us to have that start in our lives together.
We’ve just received our images from Simon Grosset, which have brought back even more memories. Simon has also posted about the day on his blog, here.
I’m also sending you one last thing – my Mum was supposed to make a speech on the boat back, but the conditions meant that she a) didn’t feel it was wise to drag everyone into the main cabin to listen to her and b) couldn’t have stood up to deliver it anyway.  She had a few words that she wanted to say to you as part of it, so she’s asked me if I’ll forward them on to you… 
And here they are… When Emma and Sam chose a humanist wedding it was a very conscious decision to have a very personal ceremony celebrating all that is special about each other and their journey together so far and their hopes and dreams for the future. I know that they specifically wanted to work with Tim as his views and explanation of the humanist approach struck a chord with them.
I’m not entirely sure that they appreciated just how much thought, deliberation and homework this would involve but at times I’m sure that their honours projects and dissertations seemed like a breeze in comparison!
Tim – thank you for being so flexible and for  such a beautiful ceremony, thank you for taking the time to help Emma and Sam plan today and for showing them how to take a step back and appreciate the little and the big things in life that they each bring to their relationship. 
My heartfelt thanks to Emma & Sam and of course her mum Elaine, and to Simon Grosset for these really atmospheric shots!

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