Maybe For A While

I was out on Inchcolm Island today conducting a wedding for Lindsay and Smiffy, which was great fun, and I was pleased to find they’d booked my classical guitarist friend Stewart Maclennan to provide the soundtrack for the ceremony.

He played a great set, as ever, and when we were chatting afterwards he told me he’s just released his debut album, Maybe For A While, which shows a very different side of his musical character.

As his bio says, he’s an American-Scot with an eclectic blend of influences in his music. His songs are a potent mix of country, blues, and folk music delivered in a rich baritone voice, more than a little reminiscent of Johnny Cash. I particularly liked Just Begun, and Love In A Mist, but you can get a preview of all the tracks on his page on Airplay Direct

Rawrip Review says “His music is really a breath of fresh air, uncomplicated, dreamy almost and certainly warming.” If you want to check him out for your wedding, catch him live on Saturday nights at Henderson’s Restaurant in Edinburgh and say hi from me.

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