Humanist Weddings in The Guardian

I was really pleased to see this article in Comment is Free today. It points out the connection between the inexorable rise of the Humanist wedding ceremony here in Scotland and the question on religion in the forthcoming Census – or at least it would do if the editors in their wisdom hadn’t chopped my piece in half… 

But never mind. The wedding I wrote about was between Amanda and David and they sent me some great pics to illustrate it.

Amanda said, “We have such lovely memories of our wedding and the part of it that was most special, to us, was the ceremony.

To share our love for one another with all our family and friends, meant a great deal and was a unique experience.  

We also felt that we had got to know you by the time the wedding came round and it was so nice that you were also part of our day…and not just an extra, so to speak!
Sadly I seem to have lost the photo of the fabulous Aston Martin that was Amanda’s wedding present to Dave… for six days only. But still – what a six days!

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