I know where I’m going… Part 2

The day after the article on body donation appeared in Scotland on Sunday, I got a call from a producer at BBC Radio Scotland, who asked if I’d be prepared to visit the Anatomy Lab at the School of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, where Dr Gordon Linklater would show me precisely what will happen to me if and when I end up there after my death.

I have to admit I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by enthusiasm at the prospect, and I was more than a little worried that the sight of a recently dismembered corpse on a slab would make me feel distinctly queasy at the very least.

But I didn’t want to be chicken, so last Monday, I spent a couple of hours there with the lovely Dr Linklater and a nice producer called Bonnie, and the resulting piece was broadcast this morning on the Ricky Ross Sunday show. You can listen to it here for the next week. Scroll forward on iPlayer to 4′ 30″

If you want to leave your body to the School of Medicine in Edinburgh, please click here

Or if you want to find out more, read this information from the National Web Archive which gives contact information for all the schools in Scotland and some elsewhere.

  1. Jen Hancock - A Happy Humanist left a comment on November 18, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Good for you! I remember my first time in a research lab – I went to UCLA in Los Angeles. I have been a body and organ donor every since.

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