Fran and And’s Humanist Wedding in Fran’s Parents’ Garden in The Borders

Fran and And first got in touch with me last August; they’d wanted to marry in Fran’s parents’ garden and that led them to stumble across the HSS website

As they wrote at the time, “When we read a bit more about it, we both felt that the humanist values were very similar to our own – we are atheists but would like a ceremony that is more personal than a civil ceremony. We thought that your comments on humanist wedding ceremonies were very much in tune with our ideas.”

So we met and talked, they did their homework and then they created their ceremony, which was brilliant. As I wrote, It reads really well… I’ve never read that John Hegley poem (Beliefs and Promises) before, but it’s fantastic. I loved your story of your courtship; it’s funny and charming and touching. Your homework was good, but this is even better!”

Back from their honeymoon, they sent me a note along with these photos. We particularly enjoyed spending the time doing our ‘homework’ and writing the ceremony – it helped to confirm that getting married was the right decision for us. Your idea to hold the ceremony under the apple tree was just brilliant and created a stunning natural frame in the photos we’ve seen so far.” 

“So many people have commented to us on what a beautiful ceremony it was and how fitting it was for us as a couple, so thank you for helping us to create it and being there on the day to bring it to life. It was perfect.”

Thanks Fran and And! As John Hegley wrote, “I promise to know when to stop”.

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