Lindsay & Nigel’s Humanist Wedding at The Atrium, Edinburgh

The Atrium is a stunning venue and photographer Ross Barber must have arrived a lot earlier than I did to catch this great shot.

Nigel’s two daughters, Ellie and Robyn were the flower girls, and in a really nice touch, when they came in, he went down the aisle to take them both by the hand and lead them in.

The point at which a father hands over the bride is always an emotional one – for the dad more than the daughter! I always suggest that the bride gives him a kiss and thanks him for being a wonderful father, which I think is what Lindsay is doing here.

Lindsay and Nigel wrote their own vows, and each promised different things to the other.

Along with the great shots, they sent me a lovely message…

We wanted to thank you for such a fantastic ceremony. We have had so many amazing comments about it as I don’t think many had experienced a Humanist ceremony before but everyone really enjoyed it – they’re still talking about it!! It was so relaxed and felt great and really set the tone for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for marrying us and for making our day so truly special.

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