Lina and Tony’s Humanist Wedding at Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh

As I often say when I’m explaining what makes a Humanist ceremony different, Humanists believe that there are more things that unite humanity, rather than divide it, and the greatest of these is love. Lina and Tony’s wedding was a textbook example. I think Lina’s dad looked really cool in his kilt.

Lina and Tony were childhood sweethearts. They met at school, where Tony had hours of amusement throwing bits of paper into Lina’s hair which was very long and bushy in those days.

This wasn’t their first wedding; to honour Lina’s family, they had a Hindu ceremony first, but they chose to make their Humanist wedding the legally binding one, and everyone really entered into the spirit of the day.

The ceremony was held on the 10th anniversary of their getting together. Before the vows, they did something very brave, which was to tell everyone the reasons they love one another. And even braver, they kept what they had to say a secret from one another until that very moment.

Their friends Gerard and Nora Holden gave a great version of ‘Something’, by The Beatles before they were piped out by a family friend.

Along with lots of photos, Lina sent me this sweet note. Thank you very much in being part of our special day we really had a fantastic time and the ceremony was perfect, everybody was really touched by it.

It was my pleasure!

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