Ross & Clare’s Humanist Wedding at Barony Castle

Some couples are really well organised. I just got an email from Clare, sent from the airport in Osaka where she and Ross are just about to board the plane for the second leg of their honeymoon in Dubai, inviting me to check out their wedding photos online: their photographer is the very popular Glasgow based Trevor Wilson.

When I meet couples, it’s always the girls who say they’re worried that they might cry during the ceremony, and the guy always gives me that look that says, “Women, eh?” But guess what? During the ceremony, it’s always the man who has the tear in his eye. And even though Ross is built like the proverbial brick outdoor convenience, he was no exception. It always warms my heart to see a big man cry. (And I hope he doesn’t come over and batter me when he gets back from his honeymoon!)

Another thing that warms my heart is the end of the ceremony, when I usually ask the guests to join me in reading a well-wishing, or blessing, to the newly-married couple. It’s a very important moment, because it’s the first time the couple have really looked outwards at their guests, and it’s extremely moving to see all these people looking at them with love in their eyes. I hope you get to experience it yourself some day.

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