Mavis Hall Park – The Secret Wedding Location

I first went to Mavis Hall Park last December, for the wedding of Dan & Amani and I remember that when I finally got there, I seriously thought I’d come to the wrong place. There were no cars, no human beings and no sign of life anywhere, let alone bunting, balloons, a marquee or any of the usual paraphernalia – just the odd chicken scratching around in the freezing dirt.

I was there yesterday for the marriage of Martin & Stacey (of which more another time) and I thought I should just post a reference shot, in case you ever have to go there and like me, wonder if you’ve come to the right place.

Yes, it really does look like a farm and no, they don’t want any more publicity thank you, or so said the MD, Fiona Elworthy to me yesterday, but it’s quite unique, and well worth checking out.

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