Louise & Gary’s Humanist Wedding Ceremony in Penicuik Town Hall

Wedding rehearsals – do you really need them? I think so, especially if the wedding is taking place somewhere none of us know very well and which is going to be completely transformed for the big day. I had a lot of fun working with Gary & Lou on their ceremony, not least because it began with a Skype call to Japan, where Gary works as a producer in the music industry.

We talked through the various different ways in which their wedding ceremony could be made very personal and then when they were both back here in Scotland, we met and talked further and Gary unfurled his plans for transforming Penicuik Town Hall into a scale replica of a Kiss concert at the Budokan. Which I had to say didn’t look remotely possible on the day of the rehearsal…

Their friend Michael Macari is a very good documentary photographer, who never stopped looking for shots and caught me en route to the front door…

Where I was astonished to see the transformation that had taken place overnight! One element that wasn’t there for the rehearsal was “the riser” on which Lou, Gary and I stood, just in front of the stage.

It was very narrow and there really wasn’t room enough for all three of us, so at one point I found myself up on the stage and down on one knee: it looks as though I’m proposing, but in fact I was pronouncing them husband and wife! It was a great ceremony and I’m just sorry that I wasn’t able to stay for their fancy dress ceilidh in the evening.

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