Where can we get married 2

One of the nicest things about being a humanist celebrant is that every so often someone invites you to a dream location to conduct their wedding. It’s just happened to me – a summer wedding in a picturesque village in the French Alps. I’d love to do it, and the date is open in my diary. So what’s the problem?

As an authorised celebrant of the Humanist Society of Scotland, I am able to conduct legal marriages in Scotland, and only in Scotland. While our marriages are legal and valid all around the world, they’re only legal and valid if conducted on Scottish soil.
In France, all marriages are secular and have been since just apres la Revolution de 1792. So if my happy couple are still set on having a humanist wedding ceremony as well as their civil one, it will have to be a blessing – the same situation as existed in Scotland before humanist weddings became legal in June 2005. 
Comment dire “ironic, huh?” en francais?

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