Wedding Music – a new idea

Next month (May, 2008) I’m going to be marrying a lovely young couple called Robbie and Vicky at Dunblane Hydro. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is watching Vicky come down the aisle to the song she has written and recorded for the ceremony. It’s called ‘Sweet Blessings’ and you can listen to it here

Vicky says “Music brings people together and gives them a wonderful sense of joy and freedom. It can take a person through every conceivable emotion from the celebration of love to the desperation of grief. Music is with us everywhere. I want to bring people happiness and if this can be done through my songs, then I myself will become more relaxed and at peace with the world around me.”

She has a lovely voice, and it’s a very moving song. She says that if anyone else wants to use it for their wedding, they can download it from her web site with her blessing; so if you listen to it and like it, please use the contact form on her site to get in touch and say thank you! 
She would love to be commissioned to write a love song for other couples, so if you’re looking for a truly original, personal and unique way to celebrate your love for one another in song, Vicky Haylott is the composer for you..!

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