Seeing someone else on the side…

Couples sometimes feel bad about approaching more than one celebrant before they decide who they want to work with. I recommend that you speak to more than one of us. OK, you can read our profiles on the web site, but until you meet someone, you don’t really have a sense of who they are.

What I also suggest is that

  • you tell all of us that you’re ‘seeing more than one celebrant’
  • when you’ve made your choice, remember to let the rest of us know

Here’s why. Whenever a couple approaches me about a wedding, I pencil the date and time into my diary, so I can keep it clear for them. If they forget to tell me they’ve gone with someone else, then there’s a good chance that I’ve turned down the chance to celebrate someone else’s marriage instead.  

So please be up front; you can see why it’s important. End of lecture!

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