Let’s begin at the beginning

Weddings always begin with the entrance of the bride. Well yes, up to a point, Lord Copper. That’s usually the case, but it really doesn’t have to be like that. Many of the women I marry have successful careers, earn more than their partners and live independent lives full of achievement and purpose. How many of them really want to be handed over as the property of one man into the ownership of another?¬†That’s so twelfth century!

Most brides still choose to be given away by their fathers, regardless of income and status, and if that’s how you want it, that’s fine by me. But there are other ways.

I’ve married quite a few couples who have chosen to come into the venue together, arm in arm. Others have spent half an hour mingling with their guests, then clapped their hands and said, “right, we’re getting married now!” Some brides come in with their mums and their dads; others with their sons, some with brothers or sisters and – like Meghan Markle – some come down the aisle on their own.
Remember, there’s no right way. Only your way is the right way.

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