Tim Maguire’s Humanist CV

As well as a celebrant, Tim Maguire is a humanist chaplain, campaigner and writer.

I’ve had several articles on humanism published by The Guardian and other newspapers.

I campaigned to open up BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day slot to humanists and – in partnership with the Guardian – created a series of podcasts called ‘Another Thought for the Day’. I also campaigned for two (unsuccessful) bills at the Scottish Parliament in support of Assisted Dying legislation.

I’ve given a Time for Reflection address at the Scottish Parliament, and I was the first humanist to be invited to participate in a Remembrance Day ceremony for the Scottish Government.

Since 2013, I’ve been the Honorary Humanist Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh.

In 2020, along with James Croft, now the lead chaplain to the University of Sussex and Gerrie Douglas Scott, one of the founders of Celebrate People, I was invited by Anastasia E. Somerville Wong to contribute to this conversation about humanism.

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