John & Kerry’s Humanist Wedding at Archerfield House

Kerry and John met at work, and it was ‘one of those moments’.

John thought Kerry was too young for him, and too beautiful. Kerry says she still is!

But unbeknown to John, what Kerry remembered about the time they met was something that her late father had told her years before.

He didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when he saw her mum, he instantly knew that he would marry her and spent the rest of their lives together. Kerry said, “THAT is the feeling I had. I just KNEW!”

Their relationships had a few false starts, but it was over ‘a Shaky Pete’ at Hawksmoor on London’s Air Street that they both finally admitted their feelings and agreed to give it a go. (In case like me you didn’t know what a ‘Shaky Pete’ is, you can find the recipe in this article in The Guardian).

We had a lot of fun at Archerfield House that afternoon, not least because one of the people giving us a reading was their friend Pete.

Yes, you guessed correctly. He’s been known as Shaky Pete ever since…

John’s daughter Jess also did a reading, and we took a moment for silent contemplation so we could remember Kerry’s dad, Roger, and John’s mum, Jeanette, then we were onto the vows, which they spoke directly to one another.

I love this shot from Tony Marsh, who’s got a real gift for catching the moment. If you check out his website, you’ll see he’s photographed quite a few high-profile couples…

I really loved being a part of John and Kerry’s day, so I was delighted to get this message from them this morning.

“Thank you so much for helping to make our day so special. The ceremony was just perfect, and we are so grateful for your help in creating it; it was a lovely moment that will forever be in our hearts.”

I’m delighted, Kerry & John – I hope you had a wonderful mini-moon and that our paths will cross again some day. Thanks again to Tony Marsh for the great pics!

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