Cressie & Nicky’s Humanist Wedding at The Skybar

“For us it was the perfect day and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

It’s literally a year ago today that Nicky & Cressie tied the knot, and it was one of my favourite weddings of the year. They had a big crowd of friends with them, and the atmosphere was like a Cup Final!

Their story began one Sunday afternoon a long time ago – 23 years ago to be precise – when an 18-year-old Cressie asked her friend to introduce her to a “hot guy” at The Three Sisters.

Nicky said, “her friend started nodding her head in the direction of the most beautiful blonde in the place. You’re joking, I said. What’s wrong with her? She was absolutely stunning.” 

Cressie said, “although we we’ve been in each other’s lives for the last 22 years, we never actually became a couple. We were both young and couldn’t commit, but we always adored each other. Above all we were great friends and always there for each other.”

They both met other people and had children before they met in the street one day and got chatting. Nicky eventually called Cressie up and asked her to dinner. It only took him 20 years…

Nicky said, “When we met at a close friend of mine’s wedding, she was with some other guy so I knew I had to get my finger out. I needed her as much as she needed me, and we helped each other to get back to full ‘Cress and Nick.’

Cress slowly introduced Young Bruce into my life. He now accepts me as his dad and I’m proud as punch to take on this role and the challenges this throws up’.”

Cressie said, “Nicky is an amazing father to Bruce. They have a beautiful relationship and it’s been lovely to watch them get closer. They are lucky to have each other. We’ve all lived together as a family now for three and half years and it’s been the happiest of my life. I’m blessed to have my amazing boys.”

It was a very emotional ceremony!

Nicky says, “For me it was the best day of my life even though I did have a bubble when I tried to say what Cressie meant to me in front of my nearest and dearest and all my arsehole pals who had a good chuckle at my slavering speech!”

Anyone who was in the spotlight was shotdown in flames like some sort of sceen in the Battle of Britain but I wouldn’t have had it any other way as seeing Cress walk down the aisle looking like she could adorn any catwalk in Milan, Paris or New York made it all well worth it.

Cressie says, “It’s almost a year on from the big day when we tied the knot and looking back, we know 100% that it was the best decision we have ever made. 

Sure there have been a couple of tiffs but knowing that’s all they are and that we have just found out a little more about each other and after 23 years of knowing each other, the phrase “every day is a school day” is bang on.”

When we both agreed to marry each other we quickly knew that a religious ceremony wasn’t for us and that a humanist wedding was the way to go.
After all the years of being in each other’s lives, it felt different, it cemented everything.  It brought us even closer as a family which we both felt was important for Bruce.

“For us it was the perfect day and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

I’ve been celebrating wedding anniversaries since the start of the pandemic, but I’ve never had one before where I literally got sent the story on the day of the anniversary itself, so as in everything, this was the perfect anniversary gift. Thank you so much, Nicky & Cressie and congratulations on your forthcoming event! Thanks also to Meech Robertson, photographer extraordinaire who captured all the action so brilliantly!

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