Tracy & Rufus’s Humanist Wedding at Wedderburn Castle

“It’s a beautiful thing when two eternally romantic idiots finally meet”

As a creative director working in advertising, Rufus knows how to pack a lot of meaning into a small space. He and Tracy wanted their wedding to be short and sweet so that’s what it was.

I remember turning up to the castle: everyone was ready and waiting – apart from Rufus – but that got me one of my favourite Instagram shots ever!

Their homework was a masterpiece of concision: so much so that I featured it in my book We Do!

The other clever thing Rufus and Tracy did was involve their friends: some of them did readings, but almost all of them took photographs so in a sense, everyone was the ‘official photographer’.

‘Short and sweet’ really works when you want an intimate ceremony where everyone knows you. Just remember you still need to make your ‘legal declaration’.

The phrase we like to use in Celebrate People is a simple one.

‘I accept you in marriage’.

If you both say it, you’re equal, and we like that.

You can additionally say ‘I choose you as my husband’ or ‘I take you as my wife’ or answer a question with ‘I do’ or ‘We do’, but ‘I accept you in marriage’ is the legal declaration we need to hear before we can pronounce you married.

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