Ruth & Paul’s Humanist Wedding at Orocco Pier

It started with a click… and apparently Ruth clicked first! They had their first date here in Edinburgh, after which Paul tried to catch the last train home to Dundee… only to find there wasn’t one.

By date two, Paul had bought a car…

They had some other important interviews to pass before they could get serious. Paul’s son JJ was just two at the time, so Ruth immediately forgave him for throwing up all over her!

Ruth’s mum Sheena was a higher hurdle to negotiate. She’s a hard woman to please but she liked Paul’s firm handshake (and the way he plumped the cushions before he left…)

Mind you, when he asked her for her daughter’s hand in marriage a few months later, she said she’d need to think about it. Sure enough when Paul asked again, the answer was a big yes!

I liked what Paul said about the meaning of marriage:

‘I feel marriage is the biggest mile stone in everyone’s life. It’s that commitment to each other being there for each other though the good times and the bad. You being strong for them, just as they are for you. It means. being able to love laugh and cry together and making memories to last a life time and more.’ 

Ruth’s friend Laura gave us a reading of a popular poem by that prolific author, Unknown, The One before the couple spoke their secret vows to one another and the whole place erupted with spontaneous applause!

Before I sent them off to party with their family and friends, I conducted a simple hand fasting ceremony for them to complete the day.

I was very pleased to get this email from Ruth today, who said,

I can’t believe 3 months have passed already. We both regularly talk about how we wish we could do it all again. It really was the perfect day!
From start to finish everything went exactly as we had hoped, even managing to get a special guest appearance from our lovely dog Minnie for a quick photo opportunity!

I hope some of these photo help capture what a great day we had – very sore cheeks from smiling all day!

We will be sure to keep you updated on our life going forward as the Weir-Sorries. 

With surnames like yours, Ruth and Paul, you’re going to have a lifetime of fun – I’m so glad we met and that you asked me to be a part of your most special day! Thanks to Neil Spowart for these great shots and of course the team at Orocco Pier who looked after us so well.

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