Shauna and Will’s Humanist Wedding at Dalhousie Castle

Will and Shauna are a very international couple. When they first got in touch about their wedding at Dalhousie Castle, Shauna was in Brisbane AUS and Will was in Tampa FLA so our first conversation over Skype ranged over a 15 hour time span, with Will 5 behind and Shauna 10 ahead. Somehow, we managed to keep it coherent, and over the next twelve months, we caught up frequently to make sure that their plans for the big day were on track.

Planning a wedding in another country is a big logistical exercise, so it was just as well that both Will and Shauna are experienced project managers, and well-used to working outside of their comfort zones. They really embraced the whole idea of creating their ceremony in their own words, and making their guests a part of it. 

As you can sort of see in this photo, they had a BIG wedding party! Alongside Best Man Fraser, Will had three groomsmen, Chris, Craig and Nick. Darragh, the page boy, is Shauna’s nephew, and our flower girl is Eva. 

The rest of Team Bride were sister Lisa, Cousin Gemma, Will’s sister Kelly and Shauna’s niece, Emma, all of whom you can see above.

They invited their Oz based friends, Chris and Alice Budd, to tell the story of their relationship, which began back in 2013.

Kelly told the story of the proposal, and then Will and Shauna spoke their vows directly to one another from cards. Their guests were surprised and delighted when the rings arrived by ‘Owl Post’

And to bring the ceremony to a close, Junior Bridesmaid Emma gave us an old Irish blessing – pretty appropriate, as that’s not just where Shauna hails from, but it’s also the nickname by which she was first known to Will and everyone he mentioned her to: ‘Irish’!

It’s Emma’s voice that you can hear at the start of this great highlights trailer from Ian and Nicola at iMack Productions 

Along with these great photos by Karol Makula, Will sent me these words.

‘In terms of how it feels now, I can honestly say that it feels fantastic being married to Shauna. 

16 March 2019 truly was the best day of our lives – everything was perfect, everyone was perfect. 

Living in Australia meant that being able to spend a day with our family and friends all in one place was truly incredible. I only wish we could wind back the clock and do it all over again! 

 Thank you so much for everything that you did for us – before, during and now after our wedding day. We are both so happy that we chose you to be our celebrant.  Kind Regards Will and Shauna’

The feeling’s mutual, mates! Thanks again for choosing to work with me, thank you for your kind words, and thanks again to Karol Makula for these lovely photos. Don’t lose touch!

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