Ross and Kirsten’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

In this age of online dating, it’s almost a surprise to meet a couple who met at work, and it was in the pharmacy of the Boots Store in Hawick that the story of Kirsten and Ross began.

It didn’t start very well. City girl Kirsten had panicked when she learned she was being sent to manage a store in the middle of nowhere in the depths of winter, but when she met the handsome relief pharmacist, things began to get better, not least because he brought her Creme Eggs on her coffee break.

Their first date didn’t go too well either. Ross hails from ‘the goldfish bowl of Gala’, and it wasn’t until he drove through to Balerno to take Kirsten to dinner that he realised he was missing an important piece of information: her address.

They got past that, and Kirsten’s mum Karen  survived the year they stayed with her, sharing a single bed, making a mess of the kitchen, and sneaking bags of junk food up to their bedroom. She even wrote a poem for them that she read herself.

Ross and Kirsten gave a lot of thought to their ceremony and they made it very personal and meaningful, not just in words but in actions. Kirsten came down the aisle on the arm of her brother Kevin, standing in for her beloved dad John, who passed away eight years ago.

They asked both of their mums to give a reading, and Ross’s mum Kay did a lovely one from Winnie the Pooh, by A.A. Milne.

Kirsten’s close friend Maddy was the last speaker before we had a pause for quiet contemplation to remember loved ones, and to allow people of faith to have a silent prayer.

I had a great team to work with that day. Carlowrie Castle always make sure the venue is looking beautiful and Planet Flowers made sure everything was blooming lovely!

Andy Lucas was tinkling the ivories, and I had my old pals Derek Christie and Lee Richardson doing the honours on stills and moving pictures respectively.

You can see Lee’s trailer for Ross and Kirsten’s wedding here.

Kirsten & Ross’s Wedding from Lee Richardson on Vimeo.

I was delighted to get these photos and this message from Kirsten and Ross yesterday.

We’ve been meaning to thank you for doing such an amazing job delivering our wedding ceremony. Time has passed so quickly! We loved every minute of it. 

The ceremony was definitely our favourite part of the day and so many guests commented on how lovely it was and how well you delivered it. It was all down to the prep work you made us do, and writing most of it ourselves really did make it feel so special and personal. 

Although writing the ceremony felt intimidating at first the way you broke it down in to sections for us made it easier and it’s great to have these words to always look back on. The poems by our mums and Maddy were a big highlight as well. 


We will definitely be recommending you and your book to any of our friends that get engaged! 

Why thank you very much, Mr and Mrs Darling: that’s very kind of you! Thanks again for choosing me as your celebrant and for allowing me to share your story, which I’m sure will inspire many other happy couples to risk stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing the unknown!

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