Christianne and Leon’s Humanist Wedding at the Braids Hill Hotel

I don’t like to use the ‘B’ word but despite all the uncertainty around Brexit, more and more couples are choosing to speak their vows in Scotland. It was last November that Leon and Chris brought their family and friends over from the Netherlands, and they’re still talking about their amazing ceremony now.

They made it their own in lots of ways. They got married at 11.00 in the morning so they could have a proper ‘wedding breakfast’

They came in together with their much-loved daughter, Fiene

They spoke their vows directly to one another in Dutch

and they invited their mothers, Marianne and Wilma, to perform a hand-fasting with multi-coloured cords that they had woven themselves.

As they said when they got in touch, ‘Looking back to our wedding, the feeling that sticks with us is one of Enduring Love. 

As we said in the ceremony, ‘love is a verb’ and we continue to do that. The day (and the whole week around it) was even better than we’d planned. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of family and friends’.

As you can see, not all of these photos come from their professional photographer, the brilliant Marc Millar, but he did take all the good ones – and I was particularly pleased to see this.

My flat is in a quiet lane that’s very popular with photographers and I’m so pleased to see that my sign from the New York Department of Transportation made the cut!

So thanks again, Leon, Chris and Fiene, for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day. Alles is Liefde!

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