The wedding of Megan and Stephen wedding at Carlowrie Castle

I love this photo of Carlowrie Castle: it really does look like the setting for a fairy tale, and that is a good description of the story of Megan and Stephen, which began when their eyes met over an Übungsheft in their higher German class at Beath High School. 

Stephen was the class joker, and one of Megan’s favourite memories was the time they were set an essay on holidays and how they would get there. The class was silently working away when Stephen put his hand up and shouted, “Miss, how do you say hovercraft in German?” As she said, “It still to this day makes me laugh so much at the sheer randomness of it!”

The pair were like magnets on nights out but somehow they always got separated before saying anything more than “add me on Bebo!” Megan remembers they must have discussed her work because one day Stephen got off the bus from college and walked into Somerfield to speak to her at the deli counter. She reckons it was her alluring purple apron that swung it in her favour…

The night of the 27thOctober 2007 was when Stephen ‘got lucky’. Not only did he get ‘a shot’ of money from his mum and dad, he and Megan hooked up at a party and they discovered their feelings were mutual.

They even survived Stephen’s choice of first date movie – Rendition – a mistake only reinforced by his choice of clothing: a pink Bench t-shirt and jeans, with no coat or jumper… in November!

Despite this shaky start, they went on to share many a happy time. From firework parties to meeting the families, from first holidays to visiting lots of new countries. They went to first football games, they bought their first forever home and watched their dreams come to life. 

All the most important people in their lives were part of the ceremony, including the twins, Heidi as flower girl and Ross as page boy.

Standing by Megan’s side were her maid of honour and cousin Lesley, her bridesmaid and best friend Jac, and her three beautiful nieces Daisy, Airlie and Rosie. Keeping Stephen’s glass of whisky full was best man Fraser, more often known as Rab. 

Megan made her entrance on the arm of her mother, Margo, and it was a lovely thought to ask her and Stephen’s mother Alison to light two memory candles at the start of the ceremony… 

As they said, “We’ve  had our fair share of heartache but we’ve always come stronger, and we know that will continue throughout our married life.” Naturally, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Megan & Stephen said that the happiest time in their lives before their wedding day was on a beach in Cape Verde when Stephen (finally) got down on bended knee in the sand, even though Megan was protesting that she wasn’t going onto the sand in her heels.

Stephen said that although he was nervous, the nerves just disappeared when Megan said “yes”. Megan said, “It was such an unbelievable night to be officially engaged to the most amazing person and rock of my life.”

 I was very impressed by Daisy, Airlie and Rosie who gave us a great reading of ‘wherever we go’.

Megan and Stephen spoke the vows they’d written separately and kept secret until the day. 

Megan’s were in verse, Stephen’s weren’t but although they didn’t rhyme, they were perfectly in sync.

As you can tell, I loved their ceremony which was full of their personality and sense of humour, so I was delighted when Megan and Stephen sent me these fantastic photos by Alastair and Rose Burn-Murdoch and these very moving words.

From the moment Tim welcomed us into his home, we absolutely knew he would be the perfect person to conduct our wedding. He was very welcoming. Friendly straight away and put us both right at ease. 

From that small meeting it was clear to see the passion that Tim has for his work. He kept us along the right path throughout. Tim introduced us to the “homework” and we loved this idea. I remember leaving his house and us both being so positive and excited at what was to come. 

We both loved doing the homework. We took some time and wrote our stories separately and then read them to each other one evening. That is a night I will never forget so many emotions and a lot of fun had reliving the past 10 years of our lives, it even made us realise that even after all this time we are still learning things about each other as there were parts of each other’s homework that we didn’t know, which was fantastic!

We decided very last minute to have a rehearsal which was definitely one of our better decisions. Tim being as accommodating as always met us at our venue the night before where we had a brief run through. 

This was a massive help to us and settled all of our nerves and everyone knew what they were doing and where they were to be. Seriously to anyone that is on the fence about it…. DO IT!! 

On the day itself Tim was fantastic. I feel like everyone says this but honestly all of our guests commented on how amazing the service was. Very personal, and completely “us” we had the most wonderful day surrounded by all of our favourite people. A day of love and laughter and the perfect start to our happily ever after.

Thank you Tim for giving us memories which will stay with us forever. 

Lots of love from Mr & Mrs Jamieson 💖💖

Thank you so much, Mrs and Mr J – you really have made my day! 

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