Zoe and Michael’s Humanist Wedding in the garden of their Dunfermline home

I love a DIY wedding. Yes, castles are wonderful, but getting married in your own back garden takes courage, and Michael and Zoe have plenty of that!

They met a long time ago, because Michael used to go camping with Zoe’s dad, and it wasn’t till they met at a festival in The Borders some years later that they fell in love.

After a spell of long-distance romance, they bought their house in December 2016, and after almost a year of renovating, building a Man Cave for both of them, they set the date and decided there could be nowhere better to get married than in their own garden, which they decorated in fine style with the help of their family and friends.

It was just the other day, after what looked like an amazing honeymoon in Mallorca, that Michael and Zoe sent me these great photos by their friend Tommy Slack, and these kind words.

It wasn’t the perfect day, not everything went to plan, but it was still the best day of our lives – So far 👫… 

We had such a blast spending time with our closest friends and family.  The weather held out for us, considering the skies were dark, cloudy grey and looked like the heavens were going to open and pour down

Leading up to the big day was stressful organising everything but it was not only about us: it was more about our guests. We wanted them to be comfortable, so we decided for a casual dress code, and everyone looked gorgeous. 

Even our Fur Baby (Parson Terrier) “Eddie” was not so casual: he was dressed in full Kilt attire 🐶 

We wanted it to be a special memory for everyone, it certainly was for us! The L’Ochil (Our bar/cabin retreat in the garden) held up to its reputation – I mean how many people decide to marry in their own garden and and get to sign the marriage certificate behind their own Bar? We did 👍

Looking back, we were so lucky to have such supportive friends and family who helped us plan everything from the decorations to catering and keeping us sane: at the end of the day, you can’t have a wedding celebration without guests!

Marriage means building our life together, looking to the future, being around friends and family… oh, and maybe less DIY in the garden 😊 We had an amazing day!

Thank you, Michael & Zoe. Keen-eyed followers of this story may recognise another couple of faces who I married not so long ago: Ashley and Jamie

Michael was one of Jamie’s best men so it was great to see Jamie returning the compliment and of course to meet up with them all again on this amazing evening!

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