Sally and Sean’s Humanist Wedding at Borthwick Castle

When Sean and Sally got together eleven years ago, it was all thanks to Doctor Who!

Sean may have suggested that a certain Scottish actor was his cousin: they certainly share the same surname, and when Sally’s sons Josh and Kyle found that out, they just had to meet Sean!

Sally realised that she didn’t stand a chance. She already knew Sean didn’t look like David Tennant: she just hoped he didn’t sound like Rab C. Nesbit!

They had a series of dates that just got better and better. From a first meeting in a Morrisons Car Park via the table beside the toilets in an Indian restaurant, they went onto a Burns Night ceilidh in Devon, a haunting weekend in Ruthin Castle, a Gypsy Caravan on the river’s edge and a trip to Asturias, which turned out to be a remote and mountainous region of North West Spain, and not Austria as they’d thought when they booked!

As you may have guessed, Sally and Sean have a great sense of humour, but they’re also a pair of true romantics.

When they exchanged their rings, they didn’t swap new ones, but the Celtic ‘Anam Charaid’ rings that they’d already exchanged when they realised that they were soulmates (which is what those words mean in Gaelic). 

As I said in the ceremony, ‘these worn and battered old rings mean so much to them that they want to continue to wear them to symbolise their love and commitment after they’ve made their vows.’

When they sent me these great photos by Lee Live, Sean and Sally said, ‘We can’t believe it is our 1 month anniversary today!

We would like to thank you for all your help and guidance leading up to our wedding, and of course for the ceremony itself which all of our guests really loved.

The feedback was wonderful, the whole day went really well, and we were just buzzing for weeks, so thanks again Tim! 

The ceremony was great, and there are certainly some Humanist converts in the making amongst our guests!’

Well I am delighted to hear that, Sally and Sean – it’s always lovely when the guests pick up on the humanist message, and I’m just delighted that everyone had such a great time. Thank you again for your kind words, and thanks to Lee Live for these great shots!

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