Megan and James’s Humanist Wedding at Myres Castle

There was a strong University theme running through James and Megan’s wedding ceremony: not just the fact that they met during their first week, but also that Meg’s father and I became friends during our first week at Uni too, although that was more years ago than it would be polite to mention. It was really lovely to have that family connection, and of course to meet up with David again.

Despite James’s penchant for dressing up as an old lady for ‘Bingo Night’, Megan’s love for him soon deepened. By Christmas, he’d been invited on her annual family skiing holiday, and that was the start of many long-distance travel adventures over the years they spent together before coming up to the beautiful Myres Castle to tie the knot.

After a sun-kissed Hebridean honeymoon, Megan and James sent me these great photos, taken by Morag Brown, along with these lovely words.

What made it so special was that fact that it was our story, in our words, and being able to share that with our friends and family. 

It also gave us a chance to mention those closest to us by name in the ceremony which was a lovely addition. 

Tim delivered the words perfectly, and made everyone (mostly us who needed it!) feel very relaxed and reassuringly in safe hands throughout. 

Whilst we don’t have religious beliefs, it was still important to us to say vows to each other and say them out loud in front of the people we love the most. 

Megan’s mum, Janet, and James’s dad, Nigel, both gave us readings, before Meg and James spoke their very personal vows directly to one another.

Many of our guests hadn’t been to a humanist ceremony before and commented afterwards how personal the whole ceremony was, and for many they said it was the best ceremony they had ever been to! 

It’s going to be something we look back on with a great deal of happiness and it will remind us why we chose to marry each other.

I’m deeply envious of James and Megan’s honeymoon, which started on the Isle of Barra: on the first evening, a pod of dolphins were playing in the sea whilst they had dinner by the window – it was pretty special!

I’m sure you’ll have many more special memories over the years to come, Meg and James, but thank you for allowing me to be a part of your most important one to date!

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