Louise and James’s Humanist Wedding at the Principal George Street


 Sometimes the best weddings are when things go wrong. Like when the groom realises that he’s left the Marriage Schedule at home, and it’s only half an hour till kick off…

I will never forget James’s expression when I turned up at the Principal George Street, and he realised that there was one important element missing from what was to be his perfect day. Luckily, we managed to sort it all out in time, so I was delighted to get this message from him and Louise earlier this evening.

“James and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for being our celebrant, and for not only marrying us, but all your help and support both on the run up and on the day itself, from answering my daft questions, to helping James through the various stages of panic and the process of retrieving the paperwork from our house! 

We’ve had so many family members and friends say to us that it was the best, most personal wedding ceremony that they’ve been to, just how much that they felt included and a part of it, and they all said just how fantastic you were! 
While I’ll be honest and say I think we were both a bit daunted by the homework, it was absolutely the best part of the run up to the wedding for me, and just reaffirmed how much we love each other, what we love about each other, and why we are spending the rest of our lives together 😊 Thank you so much for taking us through that process and asking us to do it.
I’ve attached a few wee action shots from the day as well! I especially love the one of me and my sister laughing when you were reading out the stories about the bridal party!
Thank you so so much again for everything, wishing you all the best and many more happy weddings!
Louise and James Todd xx  
Louise and James, it was my pleasure: and like you, I’ll never forget your wedding day – for all the best reasons!
Many thanks to Dan and Matt from Fern Photography for getting these great shots: I hope to add some more later!

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