Mags and Bryan’s Humanist Wedding at Kirknewton Stables

Bryan and Mags got married in the garden at Kirknewton Stables three years ago almost to the day, and I’m so pleased they got back in touch, because I just loved their ceremony!
They had one of the biggest wedding parties I’ve ever seen, ten people hailing variously from Limerick and Edinburgh. The Irish really know how to party, and it was one of the funniest and most emotional weddings I can remember.
There were some great stories, involving twirly moustaches and a cat called Arthur, culminating in the tale of the proposal, which took place on the top of the steps at the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, where their all-time favourite movie Amélie was filmed.
Looking out over all of Paris, Bryan gave Mags an old copy of her favourite book, Les Miserables. Inside it, he had carefully secreted a ring box containing the heart shaped diamond he had made for her. 
On bended knee and with tourists gathering around he popped the question to a teary-eyed and for once speechless Mags. And that’s what brought us to Kirknewton!
As they wrote in their message to me,We celebrate our three year anniversary this week and wanted to thank you again for an incredible ceremony. All our friends and family still talk about how wonderful it was! 
I’ve attached a couple of memories from the day. Difficult to choose but these are two of our faves because they show how emotional it all was. We all went from sobbing at the sentiment to cracking up with laughter when we walked out to ’99 Problems’. 
You really allowed us to make our wedding ceremony personal to us, which we were so grateful for. It was appreciated by all the guests, who still tell us three years later how special it felt. 

Three years later, it still feels every bit as special to me, Bryan and Mags, and thank you so much for letting me know: I’m deeply touched! x

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