Jaclyn and Stuart’s Humanist Wedding at The Vu


Stuart and Jaclyn first met at an NME Nominees gig in Glasgow, but it took Stuart a while to win Jaclyn’s heart because she thought he was ‘too sensible’! She also had to get over his fondness for Take That, but he got there in the end… via the university email system!

Their first date was to see Madagascar 2… despite the movie choice, Jaclyn had butterflies in her tummy all night. Over the next few years their relationship developed to the point that Jaclyn moved in on Stuart by stealth, one possession at a time! 

After their big holiday to Florida, they bought a house, but it was a complete wreck, and they were so hopeless at DIY all Stuart’s dad Alex would let them do was mop the floor. 

Stuart’s proposal was one of the most original I’ve heard in a while. The ring arrived at breakfast time, along with two apple turnovers. Jaclyn said, “I enjoy every moment I spend with Stuart, and can’t wait to make more memories with him in the future!”

The day before the wedding, Jaclyn sent me this message. “I am a bit worried about getting so nervous talking in front of so many people that I tongue twisted in my vows – is there anything you can recommend so I don’t?”

I said, “just breathe deeply and enjoy the excitement!” It must have worked because along with these photos, Jaclyn said, “We would just like to thank you for all your help in preparing our wedding and conducting our ceremony.  It was absolutely perfect – so many people have told us how lovely it was and so personal to us.” 

“It was definitely my favourite part of the day –  and I am so glad I never cried haha!”

“We have just watched the DVD that Billy Graham filmed for us and it was so nice to relive the moment again!”

“We are so glad we had you as our celebrant and will be recommending you to all of our friends and family that get engaged! Thanks again for everything, hopefully we get to meet you again soon!”

I hope so too, Jaclyn! Many thanks to Mark Timm for his photos – you can see more on his blog here

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