Karina and Mark’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

I still remember when Mark got in touch with me earlier this year all the way from Hong Kong.

Hi Tim! This is Mark. I believe my boss Karina has been in touch with you. 
Apparently we’re getting married, and we know nothing about how it all goes down during the ceremony. We’ve heard great things about you, and we’d love for you to work your magic for us – hopefully you can cast a spell of ‘happily ever after’ 

How could I resist a pitch like that? 

We chatted over Skype, and then Karina and Mark got on with their homework, which formed the basis of an exceptional ceremony at the stylish Carlowrie Castlethat had a lovely blend of formality and informality. 

The entrance of the bridal party was very elegant, each of the seven bridesmaids came in on the arm of one of the seven groomsmen: they had two charming flower girls, Mavis and Maison who decided not to scatter their rose petals, and both Mark and Karina came in with both their parents, which was lovely but the show was undoubtedly stolen by Micha and Sofianne, with their sign.
I always like to greet the guests in their own language, which in this case was mostly Cantonese, and this is as close as Google Translate gets to what I said. 大家下午好,欢迎光临

Karina’s cousin Patricia gave us our first reading, a poem she wrote herself, and then before Mark and Karina made their personal vows, I asked the guests to make some promises to them.

Groomsman Alex gave us a second reading and then it was time for the climax of the ceremony.

Mark and Karina wrote their own vows, which were original, heartfelt, and individual.

They also exchanged rings and it wasn’t until I pronounced them husband and wife that Mark finally got to raise Karina’s veil.

Karina said, “Mark and I looked at the photographs again last night and we were in tears of joy reminiscing every single detail of the day. 

“The people, the weather, the place and basically everything on the day was more than perfect for us. 

“Thank you again for making our ceremony so memorable and full of love.”

As I said to them at the time, the reason it was so wonderful was that you wrote it!’ but I’ll take the compliment. 

These great photographs were taken by Kuala Lumpur based photographers BY Weddings. They shot the engagement shots at the top of this post, they shot the movie of the wedding too, and they even brought their own drone with them: that’s some footage I’d love to see! 

PS Benson Yin just sent me this link to their Facebook Page where you can see lots more great photography of Mark and Karina’s celebrations

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