Humanists offer choice in a rapidly changing world

This is the first time I’ve read a Leader article on Humanism, and I think the writer strikes just the right tone in today’s edition of The Scotsman.

“But if humanists did not provide an alternative, marriage itself might be in significant decline, which should be a genuine concern for mainstream religions. 

The figures do not mean the established churches are no longer relevant to many people. Far from it. They simply mean society is changing. No particular type of ceremony is right or wrong – people will be drawn towards the type of ceremony that feels right for them. 

2015 seems to have been a pivotal moment in what is a remarkable success story for humanist marriage ceremonies.

Churches should not view this as a competition,  where there are winner or losers. Much better they acknowledge that their place in society has changed,and consider what they can do – if anything – to adapt to that”.

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