Jenna and Jonathan’s Humanist Wedding at The Royal College of Physicians

If there is such a thing as a blockbuster wedding, then this was it. 
Jenna and Jonathan left nothing to chance. They chose the one sunny day in June.



They booked the splendidly grand Royal College of Physicians
and they stuffed it to capacity with 150 of their favourite family and friends.



Jonathan had four ruggedly handsome best men; Jenna had two gorgeous bridesmaids and a maid of honour.



They had a great story that began over a hot photocopier in London, 
and ended at the very cool Tribeca Grill in NYC. 


Their dear friends Mhairi and John wrote and delivered a very cheeky poem, 



And Jonathan’s little sister Rosie made everyone cry 




After a pause for quiet contemplation, 
we reached the climax of the ceremony when Jenna and Jonathan spoke their vows.


I loved the way their photographer Zsofia Molnar of Studio Life Photography stole all these great reaction shots: it must have been lovely for Jonathan and Jenna to see the expressions on their guests faces as they said the most important words they will ever say.

Their mums witnessed the Marriage Schedule, we all spoke a blessing, and then off they went to Queen Street Gardens for a quick, but romantic photo shoot.



Much time has passed since that sunny afternoon, and as I type, December gales are giving Edinburgh a battering, but these photos – and Team JJ’s lovely letter – warmed my heart. 

“We can honestly say that creating our ceremony was a brilliant experience (if, a little daunting at first!)
But thanks to you and your words of wisdom and ideas, the creative juices were soon flowing, so much so that we had to attempt to cut the ceremony down (which to people that know us, was not a surprise!) 
So many people have come up to us and said it was the best ceremony they’ve ever been to and they couldn’t believe how personal it was. It incorporated everything: love, happiness, humour and most of all, it represented us, and for that we cannot thank you enough. We will remember it for the rest of our lives. 
Thank you for making our day so special. We look forward to staying in contact, and will recommend you to everyone we know! All our best wishes, Jenna and Jonathan”.

There is nothing better that a bride and groom can hear from their guests is there? The reason Team JJ is very simple: you wrote it! 

Thank you for having the courage to do it your own way, for making me a part of your wonderful day, and thank you Zsofia for your brilliant pics

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