Thank you, thank you, thank you



If you haven’t yet got round to designing your thank you cards, here are some great ones that have come my way recently. The first is from Bruce and Bindy who married at the Signet Library in Edinburgh.


Their wonderful ceremony included this truly original vow:
Bruce: Bindy, If our house burnt down tomorrow, would you live with me in the
Bindy: I would”



Dani and Pete flew over from the States, and they chose to have the tiniest possible surprise ceremony in Saint Andrews, with just their parents as guests. They squeezed their story into just two sentences, of which this was the first.


Our journey began with a very early morning running regimen that led to a meet-cute at
Greenlake, a separating from the pack, followed by an arrow through the heart. 

And our last card comes from Claire & Gareth, who had a truly enjoyable wedding at Leith Town Hall that I’ve written about at greater length here. Love the portrait don’t you?



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