Chelle and Tim’s Humanist Wedding at The Point

It’s more than twenty-five years ago that a few hardcore travellers got together on a remote but beautiful beach on a tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand to sit and watch the full moon and no doubt enjoy some exotic tobacco... It’s sobering to think that Michelle and Tim would have been seven years old at the time…

Why is this relevant? Well, over the intervening years, the Full Moon Party on Haad Rin beach on Koh Phangan has become a huge world-famous event, and it was there that Chelle and Tim’s paths first crossed. 

Actually, it was the day after the party, and the first time Tim saw Michelle, she was asleep under a dayglo T-shirt in the morning sun. They clicked immediately, and over the next few days, their lives changed forever as they talked, ate, drank and laughed together. 


Their very romantic story was interspersed with contributions from friends and family. 

Even before we properly got going, their friends Krystal and Martin shared some first impressions, and Jamie read us the lyrics to ‘Let’s Get Married’ by The Proclaimers.

Michelle’s mum Carol gave us a rendition of “Us Two”, by A.A, Milne,  Tim’s mum Sue gave us The Apache Blessing, and then I asked all the guests to make a series of promises to the happy couple before they made their own personal vows, which were similar but not identical. 

In a nice twist to acknowledge their love of all things Eastern, they asked my to read a final blessing that I hadn’t come across before, called Namaste, by Rajendar Krishnan.

It was lovely that we were able to enjoy the rooftop setting for the duration of the ceremony – by good fortune, the clouds only started to break just as we ended, so everyone went inside to enjoy the unique view of the castle.  

Just the other day, Tim and Chelle sent me a lovely card, these great photos from their photographer and friend Craig Stephen, and these kind words.

“Thank you so much for your time, thoughts and encouragement, both in our wedding preparation and on the day! You allowed us to be us, and to celebrate as suited us best. We are now, and always will be so grateful for this, and the reaction of so many friends and family pay testament to how people loved both your ceremony and the humanist approach”.

May your wanderings over the earth continue, Chelle and Tim – and thank you for asking me to be your celebrant. It was a pleasure!

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