Donna and Graham’s Humanist wedding at Marlyn’s Wynd

There’s usually a good four month gap between the wedding and me blogging about it, but this has to be a record. I married Graham and Donna four YEARS ago! It was meeting them at Kevin and Lindsay’s wedding at the Hub last Christmas that brought them right back to mind.

Marlyn’s Wynd is one of the city’s cutest wee venues. It “went dark”for several years after Donna and Graham’s wedding, but it’s now back and being run by the wonderful Rowan family who have made such a success of The Caves just down the road. It was the perfect place for an intimate, family wedding.

Graham and Donna met at work, and after Graham eventually summoned up the gumption to get the conversation started, they soon bonded over setting the world to rights over lunchtime. After a lightbulb moment on Graham’s part, a trip to the many pubs in York that have both real ale and real fires, they finally became engaged on Lokrum, a little island in the Adriatic that looks over to a very different walled town altogether, Dubrovnik.

I particularly liked what they said about what marriage means to them. Marriage
is not something we would consider lightly but it has never has
been something that we HAD to do before we died. Our view is that once
you meet someone special, it’s important to create a history together before you
can think about building a future. So, we’re here today content in the
knowledge that we have done that, and can look back on our shared past as a base on which to build a future that we hope will be every
bit as good as – if not better than – the story so far”. 
So it was a lovely surprise to bump into them at The Hub, where I grabbed this snap of how they look today.


I’m pleased to see that even though Graham is now going to my hairdresser,  Donna looks every bit as lovely now as then! This was the note they sent me all those years ago, which I’m humbled to share with you now.

We’d just like to thank you once again for the ceremony on Saturday.  It ended up being everything that we wanted and more, and the way you conducted things played a major part in that, which we really appreciate.

We had guys coming up to us afterwards saying they were moved to tears and let’s face it, that doesn’t really happen at many weddings – they’re usually just wondering when they can start drinking!  We think that this is another example of the Humanist approach being able to strike chords that religious ceremonies simply cannot. So anyway, thanks again for everything and all the very best. Graham and Donna x

Not at all G&D – it was a pleasure, and I hope we meet again in less than another four years!

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