Belinda and Brian’s Humanist Wedding at Dalriada, Portobello

You don’t need to be a writer to create a great ceremony, but it helps.

Belinda and Brian can certainly string a sentence together, and I remember how much I liked the laid-back, funny way they wrote their homework. It was a long, long story (because they’ve known one another for a long, long time) but it was a good one. Belinda even sent me a storyboard, which allowed her to illustrate her tale.

She also created a wonderful blog, as a quick way to answer all the people who repeatedly asked them how their wedding plans were going – it’s a clever idea in itself, and one that might give you a few ideas for your own wedding.

Brian didn’t send me any photos, but he did write this, “She was beautiful. She was smart. She was amazing. I had never,  ever gone out with someone who was so, easy to be with, who was so strong and capable and brave. And oh,  how I fell in love”.

They’d originally planned to marry next year, but they brought the date forward to May 4th. They’d already told me they were Star Wars fans, so I should have realised why long before they sent me this picture…

There was quite a crowd at Dalriada, their favourite pub. 



Parents, siblings, children, even a grandchild. Didn’t think Brian looked old enough, did you?


Being a child of the techno age, Belinda used her iPad to read us a poem by Rumi called “In The Arc Of Your Mallett”, while Brian gave us one of my favourite wedding poems, “A Lovely Love Story” by Edward Monkton.

His daughter Kessa and Belinda’s brothers, Dodger and Jake all gave surprise readings, which were great, and then after a pause for contemplation, Brian and Belinda spoke their “super-secret vows” which they hadn’t shared with each other before the day. Cue much emotion all round. Here they are, after the madness subsided a little, with Jorja.

And here is the card they sent me, along with these old-skool printed photos. Imaginative, original, touching and funny, just like their ceremony. Thank you, Mrs B and Mr B. xxx


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