Yvonne and Andy’s Humanist Wedding at Garleton Lodge

A hot girl out of reach, a Santa Claus outfit, icy pavements, a very big phone bill, a fear of customs, dinner dates with cocktails, but no dinner and finally, an early morning proposal. 
No, those aren’t the chapter titles of a new novel by Carrie Bradshaw, but a précis of the story of Andy and Yvonne.
Their good friend Gillian told us of a love that started in the classroom, and wove a complicated pattern over many years before their paths finally reunited in 2010, when Andy asked for Yvonne’s hand at half past eight in the morning.  
Yvonne and Andy are made for each other, and they created a very joyous ceremony that was both deeply felt and light-hearted. You can just tell that she is his lobster!
Garleton Lodge is a great venue up on top of one of the few hills in East Lothian, and even though the East Fortune Air Show was taking place just along the road, our tranquillity was undisturbed.
There were so many personal touches. I loved that they asked their mums to come up on stage and give them the rings that they were to exchange.
And in another break from tradition, it was Yvonne’s good friend Hazel and Andy’s dad, Linus, who witnessed the marriage schedule while her talented niece Kelli gave us a song.
It was a day I’d looked forward to for a long time, not least because even before I married them, Andy and Yvonne had given me a rave review, so when the big day finally came, I was a little nervous.
Turns out I needn’t have worried – they had the time of their lives.
“We just wanted to say massive massive thanks for being part of our wedding! 
We honestly had the best day!  
So many people said the ceremony was the best they’d ever been to. 
Thank you so much!”
My pleasure, Andy and Yvonne. I can stop blushing now!

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