Caroline and David’s Humanist Wedding at Dalmahoy Country Club

I want you to imagine the man on the right, wearing a naval uniform while taking his clothes off for money…

Yes, that’s what David was doing when Caroline first saw David. OK it was to raise money for charity, but I have to admit its one of the more unusual stories I’ve heard on the subject of “love at first sight”!

Caroline and David got in touch with me almost a year to the day before their wedding, and they wrote their ceremony as David was completing his master’s dissertation at University.
Their vows were great! After lulling their guests with some more or less conventional promises on walking side by side and taking the time to listen and share, honour and respect, they finished with these lines

Me: Caroline do you promise to try not to get fake tan on the bedding?
Caroline: I do
Me: David do you promise to try to remember to take your football boots off before entering the house?
David: I do

Caroline sent me a happy snap before they headed off on honeymoon, but I’m glad she also sent me these great shots by Martin Smith and this note

The day went by in the blink of an eye, the fastest and best day of our lives.  We would like to say a huge thank you again for making the ceremony so special, people are still talking about it.

Just wait Caroline. I bet that in five years time, they’ll still be talking about it! Thanks again xxx

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