Judy and Steve’s Intimate Humanist Wedding at Home

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy isn’t an inspiration for many weddings, but that was how Steve and Judy chose to begin theirs.

There were two points of coincidence – the number 42, which was the age at which they met, and the strange and unpredictable workings of computers. They were a bit put out that while it took Deep Thought seven and a half million years to come up with the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, it took only 48 hours for the algorithms of Match.com to deliver them both with a single 100% perfect match.

And despite their natural misgivings, and a series of catastrophic dates involving broken down cars and near-death experiences, Judy and Steve discovered that the computer was indeed correct, and ten years later, they decided it was time to create a new vessel on which to voyage together for the rest of their lives.

Their very musical guests had come from as far away as Austin Texas, and between them, they created a really wonderful, moving occasion. This is what they said.

We continue to bask in the joy, laughter, tears, beauty, love and involvement of everyone at our wedding, making it simply the most wonderful and perfect day.

Every photo is filled with sunshine and happiness, and in each photo, everyone is smiling or laughing, looking happy and clearly having a great time.

The intimate and personal ceremony was thanks to you in helping us to craft our words, and everyone said they’d never been at such a personalised and relaxed wedding, ever! (And we have all been at quite a few!)

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for giving us such a fantastic, magical start to our married life.

PS And we even have your blog to look forward to as a lasting memento!

Thank you, Judy and Steve, and of course to Best Dog Angus, who was a very, very good ring bearer!

  1. posh whippet left a comment on July 14, 2012 at 5:14 pm

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  2. posh whippet left a comment on July 16, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Wow…it's such fun to have our wedding posted on a blog and to have a link to send to people. So pleased you decided to post the rather grainy photo as it captures the magic moment of the 'exit' music of our Austin musicians singing 'Love Me Do' by the Beatles; the ceremony ended with everyone there standing in a circle singing together, clapping hands, laughing.

    Even more magical, in a kind of way, is that we had filmed the wedding and as everyone was involved in the last song it is not captured on film….this means the magic of it remains as a memory only in our hearts and minds,,,,is that special or what?!

    So glad Angus got a mention and a photo..can't be many people that have their dog as best man and deliverer of the rings.

    Thanks again, Judy and Steve x

    P.S might be useful for people to know that everyone there mucked in and between us all catering, flowers, photos, music was 'home made', it really is possible to have a the perfect day on a low budget..the photos say it all ( nearly!).

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