Jennifer & Mo’s Humanist Wedding at The Vu

I was really pleased that Jennifer & Mo sent me a link to this video of their wedding this morning. Not because it shows my best feature – the back of my head – but because it reminded me how moving it was to see and hear them speaking their vows to one another. 

The short dialogue section in the film is at the ‘exchange of rings’ and if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, try sticking a pin in your thigh to check you’re alive!

As Jennifer said,  It was a very emotional day and we can’t thank you enough.  Everyone has been commenting on how moving and personal the whole ceremony was – even the staff at The Vu said it was the nicest ceremony they had seen. Thanks again for making our ceremony so special and memorable.  

One thing that I think really helped was that we had a quick rehearsal at Jen & Mo’s house the evening before. I knew that they wanted to speak their vows directly to one another, and they’d made up cards, but they’d forgotten that they were going to be looking at them from a distance of about 6 feet, so it gave them time to print them out onto cards with MUCH BIGGER TEXT so they were able to read them much more easily.

Just a little thing, but I know it made a big difference. Thanks as always to Mo and Jennifer for choosing me as their celebrant, and to LB Photovid for allowing me to use this clip.

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