Allyson & Martyn’s Humanist Wedding in The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Meet Martyn and Allyson! From Leicestershire and the Eastern Seaboard of the USA respectively, they’re a pair of seasoned world travellers who as they put it in their ceremony, ‘cancelled out each other’s effect on the planet’, before discovering and deciding to live in Edinburgh, where one of the places they grew to love was the Royal Botanic Garden at Inverleith.

That was why they chose it as the venue for their open-air wedding ceremony. Outdoor weddings are very romantic, but it takes a very special kind of romantic to have one in Scotland in early March!

Their ceremony was different in a lot of other ways too. Although Allyson arrived in a car with her father…

She and Martyn wanted to arrive at the Redwood Grove together, as a couple.

On the right hand side of frame, you can just see the Cairn String Quartet, who played them in with the Pachelbel Canon in D Major, and as they signed the marriage schedule, gave us an arrangement of the George Harrison classic, “Here Comes The Sun”. Which was a bit ironic because the temperature at the time was hovering only slightly above zero!

Allyson sent me this note, along with these great shots from Ace Lensman, Trevor Wilson of Silver Photography

Martyn and I would like to thank you for conducting our wedding ceremony last week. The day exceeded our expectations, in large part because the ceremony set a personal and easygoing tone that carried throughout the reception.  

Several guests commented on how good you were at easing people’s apprehensions about a humanist wedding and keeping everyone occupied before I arrived (fashionably late, of course – turns out corset dresses take a long time to lace!). 

Thank you also for holding up against the weather; we knew it would be chilly but hadn’t expected it to be quite that cold!

We haven’t stopped talking about how wonderfully unique the ceremony was, and we’d like to thank you for playing such a large role in making the day special. 
Thanks Allyson and Martyn and thanks as always to Trevor Wilson who’s posted a nice story about the ceremony on his blog too – you can read it here. Or read this piece with lots more photos, from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

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