Kate & Mark’s Humanist Wedding Ceremony at Broxmouth Park, Dunbar

There’s something about this photograph that makes me think of 60’s TV series like ‘The Avengers’, or  ‘Man From Uncle’. Maybe it’s the haircuts. Or the strange costumes. Or the location – a rather spectacular country house not too far from Edinburgh, called Broxmouth Park

It was my first visit and I hope I have the chance to return, because as you can see, it’s very beautiful, as was the bride. And where else can you walk down an avenue of trees to marry by the side of a loch?

Kate and Mark created a lovely ceremony full of laughter, love and honesty. Kate also wrote a poem, that was read by one of her bridesmaids, Anna. 

They sent me a beautiful card the following day, saying, I didn’t think that we could ever have dreamed that it would be so perfect; and such an emotional and enjoyable experience. Everyone commented on what a difference it made to them to be able to see us both all the way through the ceremony.”

“We both giggled throughout and what struck us most was just how much we smiled throughout the whole day. We were both so relaxed and enjoyed every moment of the ceremony. It truly was a perfect reflection of our love for one another.”

“We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day and so grateful to you for all of your help and support in writing our ceremony and for delivering our hopes and dreams for our marriage so beautifully.”

“We’ll send you an email to show you some of the photos. We can’t help smiling every time we see them!”

That email finally arrived, and now that I can see the pics too, nor can I…

Thanks, Mark and Kate!

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